L.I. Paving and Masonry come equipped to handle any sized commercial job. Our machines are all family owned and operated by ourselves. We are fully registered by the state of New York and fully insured to handle any commercial requirements.

Our high quality installations ensure that you get the most life out of your asphalt, with little maintenance required. As experts in diagnosing and treating asphalt problems, our trained technicians are able to assist you in all stages of asphalt maintenance, so that your driveway or parking lot keeps looking its absolute best. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of thoroughness, speed, and craftsmanship, so you can bet your asphalt on us every time.

Want to enhance community and commerce and your town by building a new school, retail complex, office building, or other business or public structure? We’d love to help! We pave anything from village streets and subdivisions to parking lots and tennis courts, plus everything in between.

With so many options for commercial parking lot construction, L.I. Paving knows that the freedom of choice is valuable to our customers, but may appear daunting at first. Our team will help you create and implement the best paving plan for your project, but it doesn’t end there. We’ll also put the finishing touches on it, with professional striping and drainage work, concrete walks, dumpster pads, brick pavers, and retaining walls. Because wear and tear are inevitable, we also offer all phases of asphalt maintenance, even preventative, to keep your lot looking its best.