L.I. Paving and Masonry undertake repair work with all types and styles of asphalt paving. We understand that sometimes age can have a detrimental effect on asphalt, the same as a previous installer might not have installed the existing paving to the standard that we at L.I. Paving and Masonry would of installed them to.

Regardless of how it was previously installed, we are more than happy to come in and undertake remedial work in order to restore it to its previous glory or to properly install it as it should of been done the first time.

All our work is fully covered by warranty. We are a New York state registered company that is fully insured. We believe in delivering a quality of service second to none. Our remedial work is covered by the same warranty as our fresh installation work.

We are also able to enhance existing paved driveways, paved walkways, paved patios and even paved roads by sealing it. This gives an even glossy finish over the paving making it look like it has just been freshly installed. It can also help in the winter time by given an extra layer of protection against the Long Island weather conditions.  Call now to ask for a free callout. We are here to serve you.